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إن كنت أشاركك هذا الفيديو، فلإنني أرى فيه تقصير نفسي.


TOKYO:  International airports in Japan are striving to become friendlier to Muslims amid a steep increase in visitors from the Islamic world following the Japanese government’s relaxation of regulations for issuing visas.

An increase in private prayer rooms for Muslims, who pray five times a day, and availability of meals in compliance with Islamic rules are among efforts taken by airports.

Airport officials stress that they will show the heart of Japanese hospitality at the thresholds into Japan as Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

On Dec. 1, Narita Airport in Chiba Prefecture put up a new sign saying “Prayer Room” for Muslims in front of private rooms in its first and second terminals. Each room is covered with a carpet and a direction panel on the ceiling so that Muslims can readily fall to their knees and pray in the direction of their holy place Mecca.

The rooms, called Silence Rooms, could be used for prayer in the past but had no Prayer Room sign.

In the past, there were Muslims who performed prayers on the terminal building floor after arriving at Narita as they did not know of the existence of the private rooms, according to a 35-year-old member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan, an association of Muslims in Japan.

Japan relaxed the rules for issuance to visas to visitors from Indonesia, Malaysia and three other Southeast Asian nations in July. Muslims account for an estimated 90% of Indonesia’s 240 million population and 60% of Malaysia’s 29 million.

A total of 28,000 people visited Japan from Indonesia and Malaysia in October, up 40% from a year earlier.

A public relations official at Narita Airport said the operator of the airport near Tokyo should have done more to publicize the presence of prayer rooms for Muslims and make facilities there friendlier to them.

“We will seek to create a user-friendly airport for Muslims and other people who will visit Japan for the Olympic Games,” the official added.

The company has already started taking necessary steps. For example, it will install by January washing equipment in the prayer rooms for Muslims to purify themselves before performing prayers. By next summer, furthermore, two prayer rooms will be built in the area where passengers walk through after embarkation procedures.

Kansai Airport, which created a prayer room in 2006, announced a plan in August to open two more rooms by next spring.

The airport in Osaka has also started joint efforts with tenants in its passenger terminal building to better receive visitors from the Islamic world. Starting this summer, a noodle shop and another restaurant began serving meals prepared in compliance with Islamic cooking rules, called Halal, which include a ban on the use of pork.

Haneda Airport in Tokyo will open a prayer room by next March.

Major airports in Europe, a popular destination of tourists from the Islamic world, have already completed prayer rooms for Muslims, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Airports in Japan have begun earnest efforts at last to become friendly to Muslims, said Ken Fujita, head of a project at the ASEAN Promotion Center on Trade, Investment and Tourism in Tokyo to provide information on Islam to airports.

More Muslims should visit Japan if the efforts are recognized widely in the Islamic world, he added.



(Sajada  wajHiya  lillathiy  khalaqahu  wa sawwaraHu  wa shaqqa  sam’aHu  wa basaraHu  bihaulihi  wa quwwatiHi  fatabaarak Allahu  ahsanul  khaliqiyn.)

والله تعالى أعلم.

"Islam has never sought to put an equal sign between the sexes. ‘Woman’ can neither be studied nor understood in a context independent of ‘man’. The two are inseparable. The Prophet declared that women were “… the twin-halves of men.” The Qur’an confirmed this inter-dependence when it declared “They are your garments, and you are their garments.” And in a passage with sublime literary beauty the Qur’an (al-Lail, 92:1-4) first directed attention to the ‘night’ and that which it shrouds and conceals with such mystery and splendor, and then turned to the ‘day’ with its bright light which exposes everything and leaves nothing concealed, and then proceeded to explain that the ‘male’ and the ‘female’ are functionally analogous to the ‘day’ and the ‘night’. In the same way that ‘day’ and ‘night’ are functionally different yet interdependent, so too are the ‘male’ and ‘female’."
Woman and Paradise in Islam: Imran Hosein, :المرأة والجنة في الإسلام ،المقال بالعربية.

What Islam means to me, poetry, by;Sara kuratnik.

regarding the halal nailpolish. I saw that few videos of girls who tested it on youtube. Most of them agreed that it is true, but unfortunately even small amount of false claim can be considered as "Shubha".

First let me just say jazakAllah khairan  , and second and third and forth .. I am not ‘alimah/sheikh to say what’s halal and what’s not, nor am I a scientist or a chemist or whatever you have to be to know how this nail polish  formula is functioning. and so, I really don’t know if it’s okay to use it during prayer or not? I just added my experience on using it, and basically when you put on a layer of it it feels different than the usual nail polish, it’s thinner and more like colouring your nail with a colouring pen or a marker pen and it goes off easily, But is it breathable? I personally cannot answer this question.


The end of our time, from Libya to Syria;  to AlMahdi. (Arabic subtitled/ مترجم للعربية). 



مكالمة خاطئة .. أسلمت بسببها عجوز من بلجيكا

دمعت عيني .. شي جميل جدا نفسي احضنها العجوزة :”(

Oh ya Allah, alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.. I cried so much.


ردًا على الفيلم المسيء لرسولنا الكريم علية افضل الصلاة والسلام
قامت جمعية (Discover Islam UK) في لندن
بتوزيع أكثر من 110.000 نسخة من القرآن المترجم،
 وسيرة النبي على المواطنين في لندن
 وهي ردة فعل ذكية وفقهم الله لنصرة الحبيب ودينه.

In response to the film abuser of the Holy Prophet Muhammad upon him blessings and peace
The Association (Discover Islam UK) in London
Distributed more than 110,000 copies of the Koran translator,
And the life of the Prophet Mohammed on the citizens of London
They reacted smart and bless God for victory beloved and religion.


Reciting Surah Al-Fatiha - Al-Ikhlas upon the Dead person is Bid’ah “وكل بدعة ضلالة “, please spread this for I have seen a lot of posts lately that was asking for a group reading for dead friends and relatives.



الشيخ نبيل العوضي يلاعب أطفال بورما ♥
لو كانت هذه الصورة لأنجلينا جولي لنشرها الألاف
ولتحدثت القنوات الفضائية عن مدى إنسانيتها

جزاه الله اعلى الجنان شيخ نبيل ~




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