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Oh please forgive me dar Dalal ♥ I’m so very sorry for the late answer :( 

  1. I tend to lose the sense of time in a great manner, if that can make any sense.. I guess what I mean is that I get lost in the big picture, and found in the details?.
  2. Can’t say no, although recently I start learning how..but it’s still a pain.
  3. I honour my word, and I take that very seriously.
  4. I learn fast.
  5. I hate pigeons.

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12,13 and 29

12: is there something you would like to say to someone?

Not really, I’m in a “no talking” mood, but I would like to say something about how adorable you are.

13: what are three things you did today?

  1. slept.
  2. ate.
  3. internet? 

lol it’s only 7am, so I hope I’ll do something fun.

29: how late did you stay up last night and why?

I’m actually still awake lol, because eid!

كيف أقدر اعمل ثيم خاص بمدونتي ؟

http://arabicode.tumblr.com/tagged/lesson, اي سؤال او استفسار انا حاضرة :)

1-your dream when you were young ,2-your dream now ,3-what you do when you're bored :3

Hi anon, honestly I can’t remember! I don’t remember much of who I was and what I was before..my thoughts and lots of my memories are gone. My dream now? as for this moment is to be in Madinah already! we’re moving now but it’s taking so much time and energy and we still have to buy stuff and to go looking for a new room aaaah that’s just asdfghjkl;’ , as for the near future my dream is to have a career or start some kind of business?. 

I actually am constantly bored sense I have nothing to do whatsoever, I usually am here reblogging or reading, or watching something, you know the usual stuff.

1- First things or thing you notice in people you meet for the first time, 2- Favorite movie, 3- Favorite actor :$

Hi anon, first would be eyes and smile and maybe hair? and body language. Movies?? I can’t really say, anime movies would always take no.1 but there are some other good movies..but I don’t have any favourite one just yet. Same as movies, there are some good actors like  Johnny Depp and Robert De Niro,  John Cusack, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis,  and THE Robert Downey Jr..but I can’t pick one.

regarding the halal nailpolish. I saw that few videos of girls who tested it on youtube. Most of them agreed that it is true, but unfortunately even small amount of false claim can be considered as "Shubha".

First let me just say jazakAllah khairan  , and second and third and forth .. I am not ‘alimah/sheikh to say what’s halal and what’s not, nor am I a scientist or a chemist or whatever you have to be to know how this nail polish  formula is functioning. and so, I really don’t know if it’s okay to use it during prayer or not? I just added my experience on using it, and basically when you put on a layer of it it feels different than the usual nail polish, it’s thinner and more like colouring your nail with a colouring pen or a marker pen and it goes off easily, But is it breathable? I personally cannot answer this question.

معلش كنت ابى نصيحتك . أنا بنت كنت نذرت نذر اني اتوقف عن عمل ذنب معين مقابل اني ادخل الجامعة الي ابغاها . انا ما نذرت النذر بغرض دخول الجامعة بس انا اردت الزام كامل لنفسي عشان اوقفه . الحين انا لسه ما دخلت الجامعة انا لسه بموسم الامتحانات وخرقت النذر ما هقول بدون قصد لاني كنت مدركه للي كنت اسويه مادري شسوي ضميري عم يبهدلني واحس ان ربنا غاضب علي واني بتعاقب عقاب شديد اديني نصيحتك بليز

كمان أنا معلش مابقدر أفيدك، ممكن تسألي شيخ أو شخص عنده علم بهالأمور لأنو بقدرش أحط في ذمتي.

لكن بسألك ليه النذر؟ وليه بمقابل؟ يعني بالأول النذر منهي عنه، بالإضافة لذلك أنا شخصياً أشوف إنك إستعملتيه بطريقة خاطئة يعني مانشترط إننا نترك كذا بمقابل حصولنا على كذا..إحنا مانساوم رب العالمين، كان ممكن تتركي الذنب وتجاهدي نفسك على ذلك وتتضرعين لله بالدعاء إنه يعينك على ترك معصيته ويرشدك سبيل الهداية وكمان ييسرلك دخول الجامعة مادامت خيراً لك.

رابط لموقع الشيخ إبن باز رحمه الله: حكم النذر ، وجواب هل للنذر كفارة من موقع إسلام ويب.وإبحثي عن الموضوع أكثر وحاولي تبعدي عن موضوع النذر لأنه منهي عنه. الله يوفقنا وإياك لهداه ورضاه وتوفيقه.


Screenshot your desktop:

TAG, you’re it. The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself. Then send this to the ten nicest people on Tumblr. (◡‿◡✿)

Haiii! I’ve been tagged before but not by you, so I’ll do it again ;D :

  1. I love milk, I can drink it all day long.
  2. I have a notebooks obsession.  
  3. I can hardly get angry, but when I do it’s really awful. 
  4. Obsessed with fruity chocolate, especially strawberries and oranges.
  5. I watch a lot of TV series, even I think it’s too much.
  6. When people -online-talk to me, I tend to kind of analysis them and figure out who they’re… I’m not saying I’m always right but I am lol.
  7. I don’t like animals. at all.
  8. I’m changing (again?) I have no idea how or why, but I can feel it.
  9. I have migraine headaches more than I don’t :’(.
  10. I’m 163 is that like tall? yeah I wish OTL.

Thanks habibti <3

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1 year ago
Have you ever create any kind of art ?

Yes, but nothing fancy or high quality.

Have you ever killed someone in your mind ? :D

Once or twice. <(_ _)>

مرحبا ... كيف اظهر المتابعين اللي عندي وكيف اطلعالتعليق اللي تحت الصورة ..

أهلاً :)

سؤالك المفروض يوجه لمدونة الأكواد العربية لكن عموماً بما إنك لم تحدد نوع الثيم الذي تعمل عليه سأعطيك نقاط رئيسية:

بالنسبة لإظهار المتابعين إن لم تكن الخاصية مضافة لخيارات الثيم، سيكون من الصعب إضافتها دون أن أطلّع على أكواد الثيم.. لتحديد المكان المناسب والحجم وجميع الأمور الأخرى.. على العموم سأقوم إن شاء الله بنشر تدوينة خاصة بهذا الموضوع قريباً جداً بإذن الله. 

هناك أيضاً خيار إضافة صفحة blogroll 

حيث تشتمل على جميع من تتابعهم وتتحكم بمظهرها بشكل منفصل عن الثيم الاساسي، بإمكانك البحث في الوسوم وستجد العديد منها.

أما إظهار التعليق أسفل الصورة فقد سبق أن شرحناها هنافي أساسيات التدوينات:

ركّز على جزء الهتمل وأبحث عن {Caption}

إن لم تكن موجودة فعليك إضافتها ليظهر التعليق ، تماماً كما في الشرح ..بعد الصورة:


Salam beautiful, hope you are doing OK , I have question: how do you create new things to make you happy ?, like all the old things watching a movie or reading a book used to make me happy, but lately it seems like nothing work anymore.

Wa’alikum alsalam beautiful Reema <3

Alhamdulillah I’m great and happy to receive a message from you!

You know what they say;  that happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living, and not a destination… if you’re constantly sad, if you fail to smile or fail to feel at all, then, there’s a problem. If you sometimes, and for a reason, can’t help but feel sad or unhappy then you are my dear friend a human :).

Things don’t change, we do. So whatever that used to be a source of happiness still can be if you can find your old feelings. Sometimes, I find it very helpful to get away from everything/one and reconsider myself / my position in life and in the lives around me / my “things” / and feelings. If I’m not sure about any of these things -especially feelings- I make a new “restore point” try it as if it’s a first experience live it with a new eyes and new mind. It’s never too late to ask about things that wasn’t really interesting a year ago, not too late to set with someone and open your heart or say how you feel -it’s hard and awkward at first but you’ll get used to it- try new things, cook, draw, make new awesome photoshop designs,  learn something, search madly about things you just heard about.

I guess my point here is this: a. finding/creating happiness is -although comes from within - need to be shared with people rather than things. b. you need a reason (as small or big) to be sad, but none at all to be happy.

I hope you’ll feel better in the up coming week off, and you’re always welcome in my inbox, my sweet little Reema may Allah be with you and bless you with His love.

Marry a foreigner?

 Allah a’alam!