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انا كائن منفصل، كائن منعزل، كائن يبتهل بالوحدة والتجرد من كل شيء من اي شيء من كل احد. لا انتمي لأرض لا أنتهي بحدود لا أكتفي بزمن.


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I came to explore, and I cannot stay. You need a reason to stay, if you have no reason you have no right to hold what might belong to others.

do you ever want to reblog something and then notice that this girl/guy is showing what she/he should cover, or this joke is actually rude or shirk, and then you’re like you know what? this isn’t what I believe in, and although it’s pretty or funny you just wont do it cause whoever leaves something for the sake of Allah, Allah recompenses him with something even better than what he left.

Fight for your dreams, it’s way much better to be awake in a dream than asleep.

When you’re sad, write. When happy, post.

What makes you sure that you are so real?

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I think every woman need to wear the hijab for a day at least once in their life time.

Why? Because I think it’s a very enlightening experiences that women- especially in this time we live in- should know or have. It’s more than a religious identity more than anything you think hijab/vail is.  Do you think you’re strong enough to go out  as who you are and not how you look like?  For us Muslims wearing hijab is a very great deal, although it unite us in some kind of universal sisterhood that make an amazing connection between a complete strangers, although  that is really beautiful, the decision to wear it now in this terrifying world we made, is very challenging. Alhamdulillah that I’m in a country where not wearing it is what looks/feels strange, every time I read a sister story in my dashboard or a book or blog.. it makes me think again and again not only how lucky I am to have my right without a fear, or how lucky they are for the ajr for their jihad inshaAllah, but also how it is now truly and literally carrying Islam on your head. No one now recognise the hijab as anything else but Islam, although Judaism, and Christianity have the concept of covering the head aka the veil/hijab. let me at the end of this …-I don’t even know what this is lol- quote something :

"That’s when this warm feeling buzzes through you and you smile to yourself, knowing God’s watching you, knowing that He knows you’re trying to be strong to please Him. Like you’re both in on a private joke and something special and warm and extraordinary is happening and nobody else in the world knows about it because it’s you’re experience, your own personal friendship with your Creator. I guess when I’m not wearing the hijab I feel like I’m missing out. I feel cheated out of that special bond."  __Randa Abdel-Fattah.

You know that thing.. the idea or question or whatever it is that hit you and all the sudden either that your life make sense or you just know what to do or… you know? that thing happened to me last year - in December I guess-, anyway the thing was a question and I didn’t answer it completely yet but it helped me finish and start a lot of things that I was supposed to do or don’t for a long time.

What was it? I’m pretty sure a lot of you have decided to do or quit a list of things for 2008..2009..2010..2011.. and now 2012. That’s a great thing! but, is there anything that you keep listing every time over the years and you never really achieve any progress in? yeah well, me too. 

So, last year I just thought you know what? how much more (time/money.. etc.) are you willing to waste on “this” Ruba? -whatever “this” is- and just like that I decided that no more! I’ll start this thing -one thing at a time- and finish it, I will not waste another year/month/week/day/or even an hour! thinking what if…? 

Did it work? well, it’s not a magic spell … I’m working on it and so far I’m happy with what I’ve done, and I know that yet I can do better, and I will do better! so, I thought I should share that with you and I hope you find your inspiration.